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Visage Energy Corp. provides consulting services for all aspects of clean energy and carbon management technology projects involving technology developers, major corporations, and end user customers.

Environmental/Climate Justice Stakeholder Engagement

  • Identify and engage communities that have traditionally been marginalized and disproportionately impacted from an Environmental Justice (EJ) perspective.

  • Perform EJ Analyses to assess the potential impact to the local and surrounding regions of the host site including a stakeholder mapping/assessment process to identify impacted communities.

  • Facilitate the inclusion of diverse communities by encouraging information exchanges and deploy a mixture of involvement techniques to encourage participation from a diverse pool of individuals such as focus groups, small discussions, and educational workshops

Technology Commercialization Advisory

Visage Energy uses a commercialization methodology for energy technology projects that was developed with and has been applied in partnership with SRI.

  • Visage Energy accelerates technology commercialization and project development by soliciting the perspectives of all relevant project stakeholders and by factoring those inputs into the macro and micro level dimensions of project deployment.

  • Assist technology developers in translating the industry needs into technical specifications allowing developers to target the design to those specifications.

  • The methodology as applied to carbon mitigation is described in "Commercialization of Carbon Capture and Storage Technology Through Public-Private Partnerships."

Industry/Market Analysis

  • Assists clients in formulating a robust business framework for commercialization of projects encompassing a suitable business model, market analysis, risk management factors, and financial projections.

  • Develop project management analyses to identify commercialization issues and develop mitigation strategies, which consider all stakeholder requirements.

  • Prepare clients for regulatory and project deployment hurdles, by performing regulatory impact assessments for emerging technologies and energy projects.