During the past 12 years, Visage Energy has been instrumental in educating and introducing CCUS to CA utilities and state regulators through the development of multiple CCS Stakeholder engagement Initiatives such as the Blue Ribbon multi agency CCS panel.  Additionally, another of the stakeholder Initiatives culminated in the development of the first of a kind pre-FEED study and assessment of the challenges of retrofitting a NGCC facility with CCS within the California region involving the 3 CA Investor-owned utilities in 2014.


Visage Energy worked with industry executives to organize and host the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Stakeholders' Collaborative Initiative. The initiative serves as a forum for presentations and informative discussions by diverse stakeholders. The sessions allow mutual education and networking among stakeholders and end users on the characteristics and benefits of CCS technologies, and their commercial viability. The periodic meetings make it possible for participants to hear about and assess important trends shaping CCS policy and projects. Example Agenda for Stakeholder meetings.

CCS Stakeholders' Collaborative Initiative 

The CCS Stakeholders' Collaborative Initiative worked closely with the West Coast Regional Carbon Capture Sequestration Partnership (WESTCARB) to foster an environment that encourages and accelerates the deployment of CCS as a carbon management tool.

The CCS Stakeholders' Collaborative Initiative helped to bolster public - private partnerships in an effort to develop a regulatory framework that encourages the sharing of deployment costs among electric importing states and electric exporting states within a region.