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Visage Energy specializes in Stakeholder and Community Engagement for different carbon management projects and technologies.

                                                 Stakeholder Engagement Examples                                                    

Smart Grid Stakeholders' Collaborative Initiative

Objective of Initiative:

  • Promote deployment of High Performance Computing capabilities of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) within context of smart grid and cyber security.

  • Encourage collaboration among grid modeling stakeholders.

 Visage Energy Role:

  • Advised LLNL on appropriate structure for R&D partnership.

  • Coordinated stakeholder visits and roundtable discussions.

           Stakeholder Engagement Visit Agenda Examples


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  • Workforce Development
  • Demand Response & Energy Storage 
  • Securing Supply Chains from CyberAttacks 
  • Wildfire Risk Assessment Methodology
  • Improving Reliability of Hydropower Assets
  • Advanced Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Western Transmission Integration Planning Stakeholders' Collaborative

Objective of Initiative:

  • Develop interagency engagement on Transmission planning and siting within the Western region.

  • Encourage collaboration among grid modeling agency stakeholders.

 Visage Energy Role:

  • Coordinated stakeholder visits and roundtable discussions.

Participants in Collaborative:

  • DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary CPUC President, DOE NETL Lab Director, CARB Director, CEC President, CA IOUs CEOs, Department of Conservation Director, CalEPA Deputy Secretary, and CEC Commissioners.


            Stakeholders' Meeting Agenda Example

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