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The Visage Energy / SRI Partnership commercialization process is designed to establish commercialization pathway(s) for novel technologies by aligning mult-organizational teams to focus on end-user needs. The commercialization process embodies both macro and micro level perspectives for research and development projects.

The Visage Energy / SRI approach ensures that business needs are considered early in the technology development process by incorporating all members of the "business ecosystem" (i.e., end users,, OEMs, and public stakeholders.) This is accomplished by developing partnerships that consist of not only the technology developers, but also organizations such as government entities and financial institutions that are critical to showing long-term acceptance of the technology by the marketplace. For example, state and federal stakeholders are engaged early in the process, providing a regulatory framework that supports the commercialization of CCS technologies due to the greater understanding of CCS technical and economic performance capabilities by frame setters and enablers.

Visage / SRI Commercialization Method

The process uses the following elements to streamline commercialization:

  • Match the technology to CUSTOMER NEEDS

  • Inject business perspective and acumen EARLY into the technology R&D effort

  • Engage en-users and stakeholders EARLY

  • Completely coordinate language and process across Federal, state, and private efforts through a PUBLIC-PRIVATE NETWORK

  • Establish a COMMON language to facilitate understanding that decreases deployment time

  • Maximize licensing and start-up opportunities to OPTIMIZE payback

The process identifies financial and insurance issues associated with the commercialization of the technology, encompassing all stages of the R&D maturation stages of the technology. The process also assists with the selection and development of key partnering relationships necessary for successful commercialization of the technology. An assessment of the technology transfer opportunities associated with the technology is performed. Specifically,  a broad spectrum of transfer technology options available for the technology are considered (i.e., Licensing Model, Joint Venture, etc.

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